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This is me

Hello, my name is Dr. Aisha Powell and I am a researcher, journalist and educator! I am currently a DEIA professional and a college professor. I currently hold a Ph.D. in Communication, Culture and Media Studies. My research interest explores cultural phenomena in new media technologies, Black migration to foreign countries and health disparities. I'm interested in "cancel/call-out" culture, the Black experience in Russia and the Soviet Union, and fandoms. Please contact me if you're interested in similar topics!

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Culture, social media, and health-centered research focusing on the
Black experience.

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Recent Publication


“You dumb cracker b*tch”: The legitimizing of White supremacy during a Twitch ban of HasanAbi.

 Powell, Aisha., Williams-Johnson, Dana

Despite newer media technologies alleviating barriers of entry for marginalized groups, media still fails to address White supremacy at large. The live-streaming service Twitch banned one of its top streamers Hasan Piker in December 2021 for using the word “cracker” during a stream. Despite the myriad of complaints from women, people of color, LGBT+, and people with physical disabilities about targeted harassment they received on the platform, Twitch has taken little to no action on to ban those attacks. Utilizing critical whiteness and white framing theory, this study reviewed the discourse of Twitch influencers, who created YouTube reaction videos about the ban. All three of the influencers used rhetoric that sustained White supremacy like downplaying the impact of systemic racism, victimizing White men, and calling for freedom of hate speech. The implications of this study outline how the policing of hate speech can facilitate White supremacy on platforms.

News Publications

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Being a well-rounded educator can make the key difference in the future success of the youth!

What good is learning if it cannot be applied? My teaching philosophy is to enable students to use learned skills from the classroom, in the real world. With my experience as both an elementary and collegiate educator, I've learned that although students may gain new knowledge in school, they aren't necessarily retaining information or see it as valuable on a day-to-day basis. My goal in the classroom is to make learning fun, accessible, and interesting and make it real, rational, and easily applicable to life. Each student should walk away with confidence in their craft, a new skill that benefits their life and feeling fulfilled with their education and its my job to ensure that! Read some of my past students reviews below!


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