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Be the Change! List of Organizations Helping to Fight Against Police Brutality and Racism

What has happened on May 25, 2020 to George Floyd by the hands of those sworn in to "protect and serve" is not an accidental anomaly of excessive force by the police. It was NOT an "one-off" incident, it was NOT coincidental, it was a consequence of the structural racism that has been built into every institution in America. This is what happens when you don't check racism at the door, when it gets woven into the teaching and practices of our organizations and when justice is not served over, and over, and over again. Whether you are Black, White, brown, or any other color, you can help fight for justice for all! All lives won't matter, until #BlackLivesMatter. As some people find difficulty in finding ways that they can help here, this is a full master list of organizations that go towards bailout funds for protestors, grassroots justice organization, community-based groups to fund protester needs, GoFundMe's that go towards victims, and Black businesses that are supporting the cause by giving away supplies/items. Only organizations that are specifically aiding in police brutality and BLM movements are included. I will be updating this list hourly, please share with your network and friends. If we all come together, we can be the change!

For organizational purposes, organizations will be organized by state and color-coded for their purpose. Red will be for bail/legal funds, blue is organizations collecting money to donate, purple will be for grassroots organizations and protester needs, green is black-owned businesses! Every single state in the United States has had a protest in honor of George Floyd, please donate when to any bail fund!



Auburn College Democrats (for Auburn College students the Democrat student chapter

is collecting donations contact them via Twitter in the link above)



Montgomery Bail Out (mentions COVID but is also a general fund)


*Alaska Arizona

Black Women of Faith (collecting money for bail bonds, lawyers, water, food, buildings for meetings etc)


Justice for Dion Johnson (also killed by the police for pulling over and sleeping in his


Arizona small and local business relief fund (for business owners to apply for relief

NOT for donations)


California ⁠—

California Street Cannabis Destruction (A young black man's, Joshua Bustamante,

business was destroyed looted during a protest)

Black Earth Farms (have been giving free food to protesters and those who have been

arrested, you can donate to their Venmo @blackearthfarms or CashApp: $blackearth)

*Bay Area:

South Bay Mutual Aid (if you are looking for supplies, aid, or want to volunteer)

*Los Angeles:

People City Council Freedom Fund (for legal support, bail, fines, and court fees for

arrested protesters, medical bills, transportation for injured protester, supplies and

support for protesters and organizers (megaphones, pamphlets, PPE, etc.),

Los Angeles Action Bail Fund - Act Blue Civics


*Orange County:


*San Diego:

*Silicone Valley:






*(District of Columbia and DMV area)

Black Lives Matter DC (to subscribe to here about events click here)

To Donate a Sign go here

Plant-Based Meal Packages for Protesters here

Donate to give Care Packages to Protesters here

To follow protest updates follow here

Freedom Fighters DC Fund (apply for bailout services here)

Florida ⁠—


*Tampa Bay:

*Orlando and Kissimmee:


Georgia ⁠—


Donate to Zola Dias, owner of Attom, a store that was looted during one of the protests




Illinois ⁠—


To donate books




BLM Bail Out Fund (ran by the local BLM)


Kansas ⁠—


Lawrence Bail Fund (organized by BLM Kansas)

Kentucky ⁠—



*New Orleans:

*Baton Rouge:

*Maine Maryland





Detroit Bail Fund (goes towards the Bail Project)

*Grand Rapids:

Minnesota ⁠—


*Mississippi ⁠—


The Missouri Black Protester Relief Fund (to request bail the form is here)

*Kansas City:

*Montana *Nebraska Nevada

*Las Vegas:

*New Hampshire *New Jersey *New Mexico New York ⁠—






North Carolina ⁠—


Chapel Hill:


*North Dakota Ohio ⁠—





*Oklahoma City:



Pennsylvania ⁠—



Aftercare Jail Support (updated specifically for protestors)


*Rhode Island South Carolina


*South Dakota Tennessee ⁠—



Mid-South Peace and Justice Center (goes towards the BLM Community Bail Funds)

Texas ⁠—



Texas Organizing Project (also helping out in Harris and Bexar county)

*Fort Worth:


*San Antonio:


*Salt Lake City:

*Vermont Virginia





*West Virginia Wisconsin



Milwaukee Freedom Fund (if you have been arrested and need assistance here is the


General Bail Bonds/Legal Funds Organizations

For Immigrants


Outside the US

More list and resources:


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