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Multiple Identity Crisis

Hi I am Aisha.

No I am Scorp today.

With Aisha remnants.

Well I am always Aisha but for business relations I am Scorp.

Unless it's writing then I am Aisha.


Having to deal with 2 brand identities may look like the above. A confusing tug of war of who you are today. For me it's been a little difficult having two different brands and two different professions. I created BodiedbyScorp under the pseudonym Scorp (a nickname I gave myself that actually stuck). When people email me or connect with me about BodiedbyScorp, they always call me Scorp and I respond to it. But, I am also a journalist, and for that I am myself, Aisha. However, Scorp is apart of Aisha, so it's not like a separate entity. It's a 2 for 1 special.

Scorp (obviously) works out and loves helping others work out. She post body progress pics, educates others on fitness and health, and embraces her flawed figure. Scorp is what I wish I could feel 24/7. Overwhelmingly exuding confidence and helping people find love for themselves constantly. Aisha, is a little different. She is a writer, so she uses her writing to connect to people. Aisha is a dedicated journalist, who uses words to help people from all over the world. Aisha is more reserved, she loves her writing but isn't overly confident in her work. Although I feel like I am both, sometimes simultaneously, how do I convey to professionals that they two are separate? If I am reporting, I am not thinking about working out or talking "belfies" (body selfies), I am completely committed to the story at hand. And if I am giving work out tips to a group of people, I am absolutely not reserved or shy, I am confident in my words.

When I first started creating my business, I started to think about the two roles I play but didn't really explore it. But now, it is always on my mind. What if I am in a professional setting in a newsroom and someone pulls up my business website and clicks around? I am pretty sure I would be extremely embarrassed. Would an editor think of me different or de-value my writing expertise? If I am journalist, I want to be seen as Aisha the journalist; the dedicated reserved reporter. Not Scorp, the fitness junkie.

So how to deal with two seemingly polar opposite identities? I honestly don't know. Of course people are more complex than what there job is and shouldn't be defined by there occupation. In my case, BodiedbyScorp is an extension of me; it's a part of me digitized. Being a journalist is also a part of me written down for all to see. I guess just accepting the multiplicity that you bring to anything is the key to balancing the two.

So if you're a lawyer during the day and a bartender at night, neither occupations lessen the value of the  other (unless you're hungover during a trial.) You can be two completely different things and be great at both. I have to work on my (Aisha's) confidence in exposing the fitness aspect of me in my journalism setting.

This should be fun (probably not).


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