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Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

Something I have never really addressed is faith. Faith in God, in yourself, in your passion and faith in humanity. I have grown up in the church but stopped going around middle/high school. I still had a relationship with God that was weak, mild and seemed to come and go. I had lost my way numerous times and always credited my success with me working hard. If I work hard everything I want and need will come true. It wasn't until recently that I honestly looked at my life and forgot the most important aspect of my life is God.

Becoming a business owner was a plight on it's own, but actually creating a dream of mine was a blessing in itself. As much time, effort and work as I have put into BodiedbyScorp, the only reason for it's existence is God. Applying for schools, I was nervous if I would actually get into any of them, due to my juvenile experiences and lack of worldly-ness, however, I got into my dream school. This was God telling me I am worthy. Graduating and being nervous about not having enough journalism experience and now looking at the 5 publications I am published on. It was God putting me in a position where I could reach the masses. The constant feelings of insecurity and inferiority I have always dealt with, has made me the confident, smart and wise person I am today. God has given me struggles for me to see what triumph feels like.

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As I am going into the new stages of my life; moving into my first apartment, going to grad school and, down the line, starting my career it is imperative for me to glory and all the praise to God. I strongly believe that believing in a higher power and allowing God to work in your life; is a key to success. If we only believe in things we can see, we will watch them fade, disappear and be deceived each and every time. But when we put our trust in God, the unseen, miracles can happen. I have watched my life do a complete 180 and every fear I have ever felt be resolved within time, just by me putting less faith in what I see and more faith in the man above.

When you follow God and ask him for help, you will soon have more faith in yourself, more faith in what you can do with God and have faith in other people as well. As my site grows more popular, as I get more opportunities to write, as I further my education into Columbia and as I grow as a human; I just want to thank God for giving me this life I live and for blessing me in all the ways he has. Thank You God !


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